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Subluxation Tuesday

IHealth frenzie

Thanksgiving is over, so let the shopping stress begin!  Millions of people worldwide will spend the next several weeks in a buying frenzy – determined to secure the perfect gift for a rock bottom price, all while sacrificing their health and their sanity in the process.

According to a 2006 Greenburg Quinlin Rosner Research survey ‘people in the United States are more likely to feel their stress increases rather than decreases during the holidays’ citing, ‘the holidays can be a hectic time for many, and a lack of money, a lack of time, and the hype and commercialism’ is the cause of it all.  No doubt the self induced stress of Black Friday and Cyber Monday can lead to Subluxation Tuesday.

The antidote – Don’t stress over finding the right present; instead, try BEING present.  The greatest gift of all is the innate intelligence within you and a stress free nerve system to express it.  Don’t let this year’s must have item steal your peace and healthiness.  Get adjusted, get your power turned on and focus on the real reason for the season.

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Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing

If given a choice between real and artificial, the majority of people in most instances will choose real.  No matter the product, there is an implied superiority to the authentic item as compared to an imitation, no matter how similar the two may be.

Advertisers understand this wholeheartedly.  They are quick to tout their product as “real”, “authentic”, “the original”, or “genuine”.

be-authenticThey even go so far as to highlight the fact that only a tiny portion of their product is pure, as in, “Made with 10% real fruit juice.”  Think about it.  They are spelling out right on their label that this product is 90% fake, yet it is the power of the real 10% that impacts the consumer’s purchasing decision.

When it comes to the really important decisions, the ones regarding you and your family’s well-being, you also have a choice between real and artificial.  How you choose will have an incredible impact on your quality of life.

Real, authentic health originates from inside the body and is born in the nervous system.  The true path to health and wellness is to nurture the body’s natural healing and to keep the body in balance for life.

Artificial health, on the other hand, is introduced from the outside in.  Even in instances where it is designed to work as much in harmony with the body as possible, it is still unnatural, harmful, or in many cases, downright deadly.

So we have real vs. artificial; chiropractic vs. medicine.  If you don’t mind purchasing an imitation laden with artificial ingredients and harmful side effects, then go ahead and choose medicine.  If however, you want to create and foster real health for you and your family, then chiropractic is the clear choice.

And by the way, don’t let the labeling fool you.  The relief from headaches, low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, and any other number of ailments, although legitimate and certainly appealing, is only window dressing to the true power of chiropractic.  The essence of chiropractic is to remove nervous system interference by correcting spinal subluxations, allowing the body to achieve balance and to function at its maximum capacity.  The relief is wonderful, but it is not the prime objective of the adjustment.  After all, there are quicker ways to get relief artificially, but none of them creates health.

Chiropractic adjustments are designed to remove pressure from the spinal nerves and allow the maximum expression of life from the brain into the body.  When it comes to healthcare there is nothing more real.

Cure or Prevention?

Billions of dollars are spent every year looking for the cure to disease, whether cancer, AIDS, heart disease, or any of the other devastating afflictions that perpetually plague us.

While the noble efforts of these research scientists are certainly appreciated, perhaps our focus has been a bit skewed.  It is not suggested that we give up on the quest for effective treatments, but rather that we bolster our understanding of creating and maintaining health.

293916-447-18After all, does it make more sense to continually contract diseases and disorders and then fight an uphill battle to regain some semblance of health and wellness; or to consistently take positive, proactive steps to drastically reduce your chances of getting ill in the first place?

It is understood that there are no guarantees in life.  But at the same time you can significantly improve your odds of living your healthiest life possible by adopting the proper set of habits and educating yourself on the steps that lead to longevity.

The unfortunate truth, however, is that many people feel that their efforts would be all for naught.  That since their parents and grandparents developed heart disease, and diabetes, and cancer, that they themselves are destined for the same eventuality in the absence of a miracle cure.  They feel that their actions are fruitless; that they are helpless in their fight against an already sealed fate.

If you live in the “rust belt” of the United States, the odds are pretty good that your automobile will develop some body damage over its lifetime.  Does this mean that you never wash your car because it’s going to rust out anyway?  Of course it doesn’t.  If you care about your car, it means that you’ll fight extra hard to protect your investment.

The reality is that most of the top killers today are lifestyle related, regardless of your family history.  Just because you inherit the genes doesn’t mean that you have to continue the lifestyle.

Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, auto-immune disorders…all of these conditions are greatly impacted by diet, lifestyle habits, depressed nervous systems, our home environments, etc.

Until we change our focus from the curing of disease to the propagation of health, history is destined to repeat itself.

Remember that the body only heals from the inside out.  The key to staying healthy is not to inject “cures” from the outside, but rather to get the innermost layer (the nervous system) in order first, and then to insulate it with layer upon layer of healthy, productive lifestyle habits.

SUBLUXATION: The Physical Component

Of the 3 causes of subluxations, physical, chemical, and emotional, most would consider the physical causes to be pretty transparent.  After all, you don’t slip and fall and not know it.

But while physical triggers certainly consist of falls, auto accidents, sporting injuries, and so forth, the majority of us are more often affected by lesser considered, but much more prevalent causes.  Things such as sleeping positions, the way we habitually sit, slouching, carrying purses and backpacks, occupational activities, etc.


Day after day of the same repetitive actions and movements eventually changes the physical balance of the body, often resulting in the development of subluxations.  Let’s face it, if you are living any sort of physical lifestyle whatsoever, your spine is bound to end up with subluxations at some point.

So what’s a person to do?  There are positive steps that you can implement to minimize the physical strain on your body and to help increase the effectiveness of your adjustments.

First, positive, structured physical activity is a must on a daily basis.  Strength training and cardiovascular fitness can help counteract the negative forces that we inevitably place on our bodies every single day.  And no, getting in and out of your car between sales trips does not constitute adequate exercise.  Invest the time to take care of your physical health properly; it will pay huge dividends for years to come.

Secondly, it is extremely important that we pay strict attention to our posture.  Keep in mind that the spine should be straight up and down from the front or back and should have 3 natural curves when viewed from the side.  Your goal should be to maintain that posture as much as possible at all times.

This means that we need to continually be aware of how we are sitting, sleeping, lifting, driving, standing, etc.

Every physical activity you engage in has an impact on your body, and most of that impact is absorbed by the spinal column.  If we are not doing our absolute best to maintain the spine, its natural tendency is to break down.

If you have any questions regarding how to properly implement an exercise plan or how to overcome incorrect postural habits, please let us know so that we can work with you to get you your absolute healthiest.

Remember that only a specific chiropractic adjustment can correct a spinal subluxation, but putting some simple action steps into play can not only complement your chiropractic care, but also increase the resilience of your physical body.

SUBLUXATION: The Chemical Component

It’s no secret that noxious gasses and toxic chemical agents can have a profound effect on the nervous system.  In fact, chemical weapons constitute a very real terror threat in this country and abroad.

However, a more pervasive chemical threat exists to which you have a much greater chance of exposure.

Every day we come into contact with chemicals and synthetic materials that would astound even the most astute scientists of a generation ago.  And most of the time, we don’t even know it.  It is no longer as obvious as the odorous epoxy of the auto body repairman or the offensive smell of the beautician’s hair perm kit.

Hidden synthetics reside in just about everything the average person comes into contact with on a daily basis:  the foods we eat, the clothes we wear, the products we wash with, the cars we drive, the flooring we walk on, the furniture we sit on, the mattresses we sleep on, etc.

To make matters worse, we routinely engage in consuming alcohol and tobacco products, and are under constant pressure to expand our use of dangerous prescription drugs.

The net effect of all this exposure is a daily, insidious assault on the health of the human body.  No system of the body is beyond escape, and of particular concern are nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system.  And while the body is designed to pass off foreign substances, the continual chemical barrage that we call life can become overwhelming.

Chronically irritated muscles, inflamed joints and tissues, and a decreased immune response are just some of the things that result from living with toxins.  When the nerve system is compromised due to chemical exposure, subluxations result.

chemicalsChiropractic adjustments can help you overcome the negative effects of toxic exposure by clearing the spine of subluxations and releasing the innate power of the nervous system to bring the body back into balance.

What can you do to help?  Work at becoming a savvy consumer.  There are numerous healthy alternatives out there for just about any type of product you can imagine.  Those chemicals that leach into your scalp and skin from your personal care products can be eliminated by choosing their natural counterparts.  Read the labels on food purchases to eliminate chemical additives, preservatives, and dyes.  Choose low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints, flooring, and furniture for your home to limit dangerous chemical off-gassing.

It’s unrealistic to think that you can remove all the chemical irritants from your life, but every toxin you eliminate and every adjustment you receive brings you a little bit closer to a balanced body.

Health Insurance or Sick Insurance?

OK, so you have health insurance.  But what are you really insured against?  Have you ever considered that in actuality health insurance has very little to do with health and wellness.

Most insurance plans are structured so that benefits are available to you when you get sick or develop disease.  Display symptoms, and your insurance will help you counteract them.  But by the time you are showing symptoms, your body is already sick.  Your insurance is there to help you get “better”, but it is a dangerous mistake to think that getting rid of your symptoms makes you “well”.

health-insuranceWhen do heart disease and cancer show symptoms?  In many cases it’s either as you are dropping to the floor dead of a heart attack, or just prior to the announcement that you have months, or even weeks, to live.  Symptom-free does not mean healthy.

The average American is so far from being healthy and well it’s scary.  Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and prescription drugs are all top killers in this country.  (Isn’t it ironic that two of these are treated by the other one?)  These are largely lifestyle-driven killers, and could be virtually eliminated with proper education and the discipline to put what you learn into practice.

True wellness requires implementing proactive, preventative measures into your daily routine and gradually swinging the pendulum from the brink of sickness to abundant health and vitality.

There are exceptions, but in most cases insurance coverage requires that you walk the tightrope between symptoms and no symptoms, with no allowances for wellness care.  Decisions regarding care should be based on what you need, not on what your insurance company allows for.  They simply are not in the business of keeping you well.

It is said in sports that the best defense is a good offense.  If you truly want to insure yourself against chronic illness and disease, and create a life of healthy abundance, then it is up to you to take a hard look at your daily choices and consider what changes you could make to advance your health to new heights.

Begin utilizing chiropractic care for more than just symptom relief, but instead to maximize the power of the nerve system and bring the body back into balance.  Incorporate a clean diet free of toxins and processed foods.  Engage in some form of physical exercise every day.  Bring your spiritual and family life into balance.

Your best “insurance” against chronic illness is to transition from reactive symptom-based care to a proactive, wellness-driven lifestyle.

Meningitis Outbreak Continues to Draw Attention to Back Pain Treatment

In an article published Sunday in the Baltimore Sun, increasing concern over the outbreak of fungal meningitis–that’s sickened 419 people in 30 states and killed 30–is raising new questions about how health care professionals approach back pain treatment.The article raises concern about whether back pain sufferers have become too dependent on drugs and surgeries as quick cure–and whether these treatments even work in the long run. Additionally, the article references a position paper published by the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP) that criticizes the overuse of drugs to treat back pain. “While living in a society where we expect to live pain-free, America may now be convinced that there needs to be a safer way to address back pain, with chiropractic care becoming a preferred option,” states the foundation’s paper.

Are you Stuck in First Gear?

Imagine you are driving down the road with your gas pedal to the floor.  Your car runs great and gets you to where you need to be.  All is good.

But then you look around and notice that everyone else is whizzing right by you.

Determined to keep up with those around you, you take your car into the shop and have the mechanic give it a good once-over.  The mechanic finds that while you have been getting to where you need to be, you have been doing so while driving in only one gear.  In actuality, he discovers that your car has an entire set of gears that have never even been utilized!

Many people live out their lives the same way; stuck in first gear and never living up to their potential;  not quite hurting, but definitely not at their best.  The problem is that while most people realize they simply are not living up to par, they don’t know how to access their hidden gearbox to take their health to the next level.

These are the people that need to be under chiropractic care!

The old misconception that chiropractic care is just for those in pain or battling symptoms is quickly being exposed for the fallacy that it is.

Those who get the most out of their chiropractic adjustments are the ones who take their care beyond the relief phase and work with their chiropractor to maintain lifelong health and wellness.

The true essence of chiropractic actually has nothing to do with the treatment of pain and symptoms.  Chiropractic adjustments remove nervous system interference by correcting mis-alignments in the spine called vertebral subluxations.  Symptoms are relieved as a byproduct of building a healthier body.

A subluxated spine, one that is continually out of balance, will never allow the body to run at maximum speed and efficiency.  The subluxation in effect acts as a governor on your body’s engine, limiting it to a certain speed that it can’t rise above.

You are not designed to sputter through life in first gear.  You are created to live all out at full throttle.  Settle for any less and you not only short-change yourself, but also those who depend upon you.

Your nervous system is housing a whole new set of gears that most of us never even tap into.  By unleashing the full scope of your body’s innate potential, chiropractic can help you take your health and your life to unparalleled heights!

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