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Sneak Attack

Were you surprised at the extent of spinal instability or damage identified on your examination?  Most people are.

The concept of a subluxation is simple enough; a few spinal bones become misaligned and squeeze the spinal nerves which results in pain or impaired function. The simplicity of the subluxation, however, belies the fact that there is quite a complex process taking place underneath the surface.

Many people wonder how they could have so many subluxations and never even know it, especially in the absence of any obvious accident or injury.

For starters, most of the nerve roots that branch off the spinal column don’t cause any pain or outward symptoms.  Instead, they are motor nerves that run your organs, give power to your muscles, rebuild cells, etc. Think of them like the wires running from your circuit panel to your television or refrigerator.  When a bone shifts onto a nerve, just like flipping a switch, it shuts down the power to its organ or body part.  Since there are far more motor nerves affected than pain receptors, most subluxations initially occur without your knowledge, and in fact, can be quite long lived before any symptoms surface.

Secondly, subluxations more often result from the culmination of routine daily activities than from one catastrophic accident or event.


Postural habits, lifting, repetitive strains, sleep positions, etc. can cause damaging shifts in the spine without any warning whatsoever.  In other words, subluxations can result from the stresses of normal daily living without you realizing it.

Finally, when symptoms do occur, they usually creep up on us rather than become full blown all at once.  When symptoms slowly escalate over a long period, the body has time to adapt.  So what might be regarded as severe pain had it come on suddenly can seem moderate or even mild in comparison when it slowly ramps up in intensity.  The end result, however, is no less devastating to your spine and your health.

When most people think of a subluxation and a pinched spinal nerve, they envision immediate symptoms such as sharp, shooting pain, burning, or numbness.  But as you can see, while these sensations certainly do result from subluxations, usually they take some time to express themselves.

Since subluxations can go undetected under the surface for months or years at a time, the moral of the story is to have your spine checked for subluxations long before symptoms become apparent.  The only way to know for sure whether or not you have subluxations is by getting a chiropractic check-up.

Health Insurance or Sick Insurance?

OK, so you have health insurance.  But what are you really insured against?  Have you ever considered that in actuality health insurance has very little to do with health and wellness.

Most insurance plans are structured so that benefits are available to you when you get sick or develop disease.  Display symptoms, and your insurance will help you counteract them.  But by the time you are showing symptoms, your body is already sick.  Your insurance is there to help you get “better”, but it is a dangerous mistake to think that getting rid of your symptoms makes you “well”.

health-insuranceWhen do heart disease and cancer show symptoms?  In many cases it’s either as you are dropping to the floor dead of a heart attack, or just prior to the announcement that you have months, or even weeks, to live.  Symptom-free does not mean healthy.

The average American is so far from being healthy and well it’s scary.  Cardiovascular disease, cancer, and prescription drugs are all top killers in this country.  (Isn’t it ironic that two of these are treated by the other one?)  These are largely lifestyle-driven killers, and could be virtually eliminated with proper education and the discipline to put what you learn into practice.

True wellness requires implementing proactive, preventative measures into your daily routine and gradually swinging the pendulum from the brink of sickness to abundant health and vitality.

There are exceptions, but in most cases insurance coverage requires that you walk the tightrope between symptoms and no symptoms, with no allowances for wellness care.  Decisions regarding care should be based on what you need, not on what your insurance company allows for.  They simply are not in the business of keeping you well.

It is said in sports that the best defense is a good offense.  If you truly want to insure yourself against chronic illness and disease, and create a life of healthy abundance, then it is up to you to take a hard look at your daily choices and consider what changes you could make to advance your health to new heights.

Begin utilizing chiropractic care for more than just symptom relief, but instead to maximize the power of the nerve system and bring the body back into balance.  Incorporate a clean diet free of toxins and processed foods.  Engage in some form of physical exercise every day.  Bring your spiritual and family life into balance.

Your best “insurance” against chronic illness is to transition from reactive symptom-based care to a proactive, wellness-driven lifestyle.

Are You Living, or Just Alive?

Life is described as many things by different people, but one thing it can never be defined as is stagnant. Life is always changing, evolving, increasing, or decreasing in capacity.  It is in a constant state of flux. While you are sitting there seemingly doing nothing, your body is always on the job building and repairing tissue, creating new cells, growing hair and nails, digesting food, etc.

The degree to which your body is able to do these things depends primarily upon the health and vibrancy of your nervous system.  There are certainly other factors that come into play such as a proper supply of nutrients and adequate rest, but even their potency is diminished when shackled by a weakened nerve supply.

Living or just AliveLife originates in the brain and nervous system and emanates outward through the body’s nerve pathways into all of your cells and tissues.  All other variables being equal, the body is at its healthiest when the nerve system is free to express all of its vital signals clearly without any interference. When nerve impulses are pinched off by spinal misalignments, or subluxations, your quality of life diminishes.  Think of it as a dimmer switch controlling a light.  The more pressure on the nerve, the less life gets through. It is not necessarily safe to assume that you are at your healthiest, or to put it another way, at your most alive, simply because you are living, breathing, and exhibiting no obvious pain or symptoms.

A key point to remember is that only a small percentage of the nervous system expresses pain.  So while your level of health may seem completely stable on the outside, in actuality it can be fluctuating under the surface.  A cavity quickly becomes a very painful toothache when the nerve is exposed, but the process leading up that point can take months, or even years. Nobody would argue thatall the while the tooth was unhealthy under the surface even in the absence of symptoms. To ensure that your body remains at its healthiest, it is essential to maintain a strong, optimally functioning nervous system and to continually supply your body with the power that it needs to thrive.  To merely be symptom-free is not enough.

While many people associate chiropractic with pain relief, the true essence of the chiropractic adjustment is to turn on the life force within the body and then to keep it burning brightly for a lifetime .

Illness or Natural Reaction?

If you inadvertently swallow something toxic and you call the poison control center they will most likely tell you to induce vomiting right away.

If you have ever experienced food poisoning you are well acquainted with the marathon of diarrhea and vomiting that often accompanies it.

Breathe in noxious vapors and you will undoubtedly begin coughing or sneezing.  Exposure to caustic gases will cause your eyes to water.

Coughing, sneezing, fever, vomiting, diarrhea.  These are all natural reactions that are designed to rid the body of foreign substances or irritants and maintain a healthy state of balance.

When you are “sick” your body reacts the way it does for a reason.  If you are infected with a bacteria or virus, the body brilliantly raises its core temperature to burn up the invader.  When the infection is eliminated your body temperature normalizes again.  You are sick with an infection, you are not sick with a fever.  Treating the fever does not address the infection.

In a similar way, vomiting and diarrhea, as unpleasant as they may be, serve a useful purpose in eliminating toxins from the body.  Without these essential survival mechanisms, we would risk dying at the first exposure to poisoning.  If you allow the body to work, the poisons are expelled.  If you suppress the body’s natural response, the poison remains.

Coughing, sneezing, fever, vomiting, diarrhea are all natural reactions that are designed to rid the body of irritants.

Coughing, sneezing, fever, vomiting, diarrhea are all natural reactions that are designed to rid the body of irritants.

If you were brought up in a “traditional” household, you were raised with an abundance of pills, syrups, and lotions whose sole purpose is to prevent the body from expressing itself.  We are increasingly encouraged to develop a dependence on manmade drugs and led to believe that the body is in a state of lack without them.

Surely the human body that fully developed from 2 microscopic cells, is powered by an innate wisdom, is self-healing, self-regulating, and self-replicating, is not sufficiently intelligent or powerful enough on its own to fend off a tiny, single-celled organism.  Cue drug of choice here.

Traditional medicine is largely built upon treating symptoms.  This is ineffective in that it does not address the underlying cause, but it can also be harmful to the body by counteracting natural bodily reactions designed to sustain life. Sometimes a symptom is not so much a symptom as it is a natural response or reaction.

To be at our absolute healthiest, we must minimize our reliance on drugs and instead rediscover our faith in the human body, trust in its innate wisdom, and work to build and support its natural balance.  A truly healthy body is always built from the inside out.

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