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When You Stop Feeling

numb it all pills

Awareness is essential to the healing process. When you get hurt, it’s the role of the nerve system to sense the damage and inform your brain (pain) so the healing can start.  Masking the ‘awareness’ step creates problems.

Unfortunately, in an effort to create perpetual comfort, drug companies have become very good at desensitizing people to their own physical and emotional pain alarm systems – and apparently those around them as well.  According to a recent study by Ohio State University, when you take something as simple as acetaminophen (Tylenol) to reduce your pain, you may also be decreasing your empathy for both the physical and social suffering of others as well. So much for the old saying “…I feel your pain.”

While the medical profession and its pharmaceutical cousins strive to numb you, Chiropractors remove tension in your nervous system so you can fully experience your environment and respond to whatever life throws at you, both good and bad.  No one likes to feel pain or discomfort, but we need to recognize it as the body’s attempt to save itself. When you stop feeling, you stop healing – not only yourself, but potentially everyone around you.


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Feeling a Bit Rusty

Rusty Chiro Hinge

Does it take a while for you to get going in the morning?  Are you joints stiff and achy when you first wake up, and take a few hours to loosen?  Stiff, tired joints can leave you feeling and acting much older than you are.

Motion is Life.  If you let anything sit in once place too long, it’s bound to freeze up like a rusted hinge.  Spinal joints, subjected to long standing fixations (Vertebral Subluxations) are no different.   That’s why maintenance chiropractic care is so beneficial.  Adjustments unlock ‘stuck’ joints before they become painful, arthritic and frozen in place – the
longer you wait between visits, the more work required to get them moving

Like rusted hinges, chronically fixated joints take TLC and more frequent adjustments to become free again.  If you want to avoid that hassle, the smart move would be to visit your Chiropractor regularly and not let them get that bad in the first place.

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Pounding a Bent Spine

life lines

Hammer a straight nail, and it drives right into the wood.  Hammer a bent one, and it bends even more. The same principle applies to your spine.

A properly aligned spine can withstand the forces you encounter every day (like lifting, standing, bending and twisting).  Put a ‘kink’ in that spine (subluxation), and instead of withstanding those forces, your spine succumbs to them – turning normal everyday activities like doing housework, exercising or playing with your kids into occasions for injury, discomfort and disability.

Structural integrity begets normal function.  When it comes to strength and performance, your spine needs to be in proper alignment to get any job done safely and pain free.  Keep it in shape with regular Chiropractic care and you’ll protect yourself from Life’s daily

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Chiro Boot Camp

Chiro Marine Hat

Transforming into a stronger, healthier version of yourself doesn’t come overnight.  It takes work, sacrifice and sometimes a bit of suffering to experience change for
the good. Take Marine Corps training as an example…

Imagine the change from civilian life to recruit.  You go from sleeping-in late, to 4 am wake calls.  Dining a-la-carte, to chowing down whatever’s in front of you at mess.  Hours
binge watching your favorite TV series to ‘binging’ after hours of intense PT. It’s not a comfortable process, but if you persevere… in the end you BECOME the person you signed up to be.

Starting a new Chiropractic regiment may sometimes feel like you’re going through boot camp. Unlike other therapies that simply mask your symptoms, Chiropractic care forges you into something new and with that change may come some discomfort. But don’t lose hope… keep your eye on the prize and remember why you signed up in the first place – to be the best you can be.

Happy Post-Memorial day – God bless all who have fallen for freedom.

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life lines

The Sixth Principle in Chiropractic states there is no process which does not require time, including the healing process. BJ Palmer (the developer of Chiropractic) believed that with time and clarity in the nerve system, the body could heal itself in just about any situation.

A sick cell is replaced by a healthy one –healthy cells become healthy tissues – healthy tissues become healthy organs – healthy organs make a healthy human being. The conversion from sickness to wellness is an innate process that can only be performed by the doctor within you, via a well toned nerve system.

Healing is therefore a process of RE-creating yourself, one cell at a time, over a period of time. The power that made your body is more than capable of converting you from sickness to wellness.  All it needs is a clear pathway and enough sand in the hour glass to
accomplish it.

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Alignment and Spark

life lines

Can a car with bad alignment still be driven?  Yes – but it will never steer to its potential.  How about one running on 5 cylinders instead of 6?  Yes, it too can get you from point A to point B – but it will never accelerate to its potential.

In an effort to squeeze every bit of performance out of a car, you can try using higher octane gas, installing expensive tires or replacing your brake pads, but if the car’s
alignment and ‘spark’ are compromised, it will never perform to the manufacturer’s
intended specs… likewise with your body.

Organic food, cross fitness exercising and Pilates training are nice additives to squeeze more performance out of your body, but you’ll never perform to your potential if your back alignment and nerve system ‘spark’ are compromised (Subluxated).   To get the most out of those extra-health activities, maintain your spinal integrity FIRST with regular
Chiropractic care.

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Starter’s Soreness

Starter's Spine

Starter’s soreness is common with many physical activities –  the ‘start’ of lifting weights, horseback riding or working in the garden after a long winter off.  ‘Starting’ Chiropractic care is no different.

If you have joints, muscles and ligaments that have been inactive, don’t be surprised if you’re sore after your first few Chiropractic sessions.  Adjustments themselves are gentle and comfortable, but your spine may respond with some soreness to the increased motion and new positioning.  But don’t worry – the pangs of rekindled function are normal, expected and temporary.

As your spine becomes accustomed to its healthier state, the soreness will abate and your comfort levels will improve.  It’s important to continue good chiropractic habits to avoid regressing back to where you began.  Start soreness can only return if you fail to maintain. 


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A Conducive Environment

sowing seed

When farmers plant, they don’t question the seed’s innate ability to grow and produce crops.  Neither do they dig seeds up every day to verify their progress.  They simply prepare the soil as best as they can and trust nature to handle the rest.

Similarly, Chiropractors don’t question your innate ability to heal when we remove interference in your spine (Subluxations).  We know the each human body is blessed with an internal intelligence – an auto pilot capable enough to coordinate and carry out all the steps required to build and repair damaged tissue when necessary.  By adjusting, we’re simply maintaining an environment conducive for that healing process to occur (a clear nerves system) and TRUSTING the innate wisdom in the patient to run the show.

The only thing a doctor can ever heal is him or herself.  Likewise, the only one capable of healing you is the ‘doctor’ inside you.  The best physicians in the world recognize and yield to this awesome Power within every patient.  The best we can do is prep the soil and get
out of innate’s way.


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Happy Chiropractic Valentine’s!

i heart dcs

There’s much to love about Chiropractic – the science of nerve function, the art of correcting posture and spinal alignment.  But the best part is the philosophy that
gives meaning to it all.

Physicians focus on body parts, psychologists analyze thoughts and clergy tend to matters of the spirit.  But no one profession touches them all… your physical health, mental health and spiritual health like Chiropractic.  You can’t experience any of these without a CLEAR nerve system.  When Chiropractors restore normal spinal alignment and clear away nerve stress, your ability to express physical, mental and spiritual health is simply

Love and Life thrive where things are aligned.  The resolution of pain and restoration of function are nice side effects of Chiropractic – the thing we love the most, however, is when you become whole again.  Have a Happy and Healthy Valentine’s week!


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The Study of Death vs. Life

Innate has left the building

One of the not so obvious, yet fundamental differences between the practice of medicine and the practice of  Chiropractic is that one spends most of its time dealing with death and disease, while the other, the full expression of Life.

 The MD mostly spends his or her time on diagnosis, treatment, sickness, convalescence and eventually hospice – the
states which arise from the suppression of innate Life force.  Whereas the DC (doctor of chiropractic) focuses his or her time on analysis, adjustment, vitality and vivification – the states which arise from the full expression of innate Life force.  Here’s an astute observation… when you focus MORE attention on the later, the need for the former reduces.

This is what Chiropractors believe TRUE health care is, as opposed to the SICK and DYING CARE we spend trillions on today.  How much better off would we all be if more time was spent keeping innate happy, fully flowing in her
house, instead of treating the ruin that results from her absence.

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