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Bypassing Security

Virus bypass sign

When anything other than food enters your body, it gets ‘screened’ in
the mucous membranes of your nose, mouth and gut with suspicion and
rejected if necessary… like TSA Agents screening luggage for dangerous
materials before they’re allowed on a plane. Sneezing, runny noses and
coughs are your body’s natural way of preventing harmful dust, germs
and foreign chemicals from ‘getting on board.’

When you INJECT foreign virus material and chemicals from a flu shot
directly into your body, this natural innate screening process is
bypassed and hazardous materials are allowed to pass freely into secure
areas, like your blood stream and soft tissues. The potential for
trouble begins.

How comfortable would you feel getting on a plane knowing the bags
didn’t get X-Rayed first? If your answer is ‘not very comfortable’ then
consider how safe your body feels when chemicals in the flu shot like
Mercury (in the form of Thimerisol), Formaldehyde and Glycol are
allowed bypass your body’s check-in and go for a ride inside you. There
are safer, natural ways to protect yourself from germs and viruses. Ask
your Chiropractor how.

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Avoiding a Train Wreck

Medical preventative care focuses mainly on the early detection and treatment of disease.
Their thinking – if you catch a condition in its earliest stage (i.e. breast cancer or diabetes), you have a better chance of managing it.  Although that rationale bears some truth, it
leaves you waiting for the train wreck to happen before you can do anything about it.

In Chiropractic, preventative care focuses on supporting the ONE system dedicated to preserving the health of your whole body, your Spine and Nerve System.
Because all normal body functions are first patterned in your Nerve System, so must    ‘dis-ease’ be patterned in your Nerves System (subluxation) before it develops into an illness.  It simply makes more sense to avoid the train wreck in your spine, before
it manifests in your body.

The best prevention doesn’t simply ‘test and wait’ until you develop the disease… it focuses on removing the cause before it has a chance to manifest.  That begins with interference in your nerve system.  Are your loved ones protecting their health with preventative Chiropractic care?

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Traffic Jam in Your Nerves

subluxation traffic jam

It’s frustrating having to sit in traffic with no signs of relief ahead. Now imagine what happens when Nerve Signals hit a Subluxation snag in your information Spine-way.

Trillions of nerve impulses speed through your nerve system every second of your Life. Some carry instructions for your heart… others, signals for the immune system and others messages that direct the healing process. Whatever the case, your LIFE depends on ALL of
these signals traveling smoothly from your brain to your body with no interference. Subluxations create road blocks in your spinal cord that interfere with the normal traffic flow of Nerve Impulses. That’s a bad thing.

Chiropractic adjustments clear your spinal highways of congestion so those important nerve signals can get to where they need to. The result – your body functions at its best!  When you experience sub-par health, don’t run to the medicine cabinet. Take a detour to your chiropractor and get checked for Subluxations. With a clear nerve system you’ll be on the road to natural recovery in no time.

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Harvard Got It Right

which pothole did it

At first glance you’d think a Chiropractor was responsible for these words. But they were actually written by a Harvard medical school instructor in the late 1800’s. While this belief is trivialized by the medical and pharmaceutical community today, it remains the core
foundation of the practice of Chiropractic.

Chiropractors humbly acknowledge that “the ONLY thing that can heal the body is the Power that created it.” The wisdom Dr. Cabot refers to in his quote is called Innate Intelligence by Chiropractors. It is the coordinating force that maintains our body’s health. It knowingly orchestrates all steps involved in the healing process from mending a broken bone to putting cancer in remission. It is in favor of you living, rather than you dying.

The most important job of a Chiropractor is to teach you about this great force and keep you connected to it. If you want to meet the REAL doctor responsible for healing you, take a look in the mirror. It’s the one staring right back at you.

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If You Teach a Kid

Kid and big pharma

If you teach a kid they need drugs to function normally, what kind of adult will they grow up to be? An empowered one, or a dependent one?

If they can’t breathe at night, they’ll learn to depend on a decongestant. If the pollen
irritates them, depend on some Claritin.  Can’t sit still in the classroom, depend on Ritalin.  Can’t cope with the stresses of life, depend on their anti-depressant – or worse yet, some other ‘outside-in,’ addictive chemical compound to numb their feelings.

You won’t find the solutions for a better, healthier Life in a pill bottle like Big Pharma wants you to believe. They’re stored in the very fabric of your Nerve System. If you
stay clear (in adjustment and subluxation free) and give the innate intelligence inside you a chance to solve your issues, the results will empower you instead of making you dependent.

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May Cause…

May Cause

You rarely hear drug commercials on the radio.  Television’s a different story… every other commercial is for a drug to fix your stomach problems, sleep disturbances or allergy issues- all ending with a laundry list of side effects, disguised by distracting images of happy people playing over the monologue.  You can’t pull off that off with radio.

This year, the FDA has urged pharmaceutical companies to stop using distracting images and music in their TV drug ads following complaints that manufacturers deliberately used misleading techniques to downplay their products’ risks while emphasizing potential benefits.  The FDA suggested they use highlights to emphasize documented side effects and slow the pace at which the risks were being read so viewers could better understand the drug’s potential dangers.  We have a better solution.

Next time a drug commercial comes on TV, just close your eyes and LISTEN… like you would to a radio spot. The side effects will be more apparent (and disturbing) when you’re not distracted by the ‘pretty visuals’ that mask them.  Big Pharma doesn’t want you to pay attention to the risks associated with their drugs. But if you close your eyes and listen closely you’ll realize just how ridiculous, dangerous and deadly their products can be.  It’s a practice that could save your life.

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Tylenol Not Safe During Pregnancy

tylenolA study just published out of the Journal of American Pediatrics in August of 2016 showed that Tylenol consumption by pregnant women increased the baby having emotional symptoms by 29%, hyperactivity by 31%, and total difficulties by 46%.

It is also known that about half of all pregnant women consume Tylenol.

Here’s the kicker….public health advice (from MDs and hospitals) currently considers Tylenol use safe during pregnancy.

This is a problem…and one that few doctors, let alone women and future mothers know about.

What does this mean?

Well I think the statistics would agree that the majority of pregnant women are consuming Tylenol as a solution for their pain.

So what if these mothers knew there was a different solution that did not put their unborn baby at risk of having emotional, hyperactive, or neurodevelopmental problems?


This reminds me of the study from the Journal of Spine published in 2003.

Three groups of patients who were in pain were split up and treated.  One group got drugs (vioxx and celebrex), one group received acupuncture, and one group received chiropractic.

The results showed that Chiropractic was 5 times better than the drugs and 3 times more effective than the acupuncture!

And…the patients in the Chiropractic group were considered the worst because they had been in chronic pain for the longest compared to the other 2 groups.

Think about that, what if pregnant women knew about the effectiveness of Chiropractic and its low-risk no side-effects benefits for her or her growing baby!

Walking in One Shoe

One Shoe On

No one would entertain the thought of walking around with just one shoe on.  Not only would it look funny, but it would be really bad for your feet, knees, hips, back and even your neck.
Unfortunately, many people have been doing this very thing for years without knowing it!

When an otherwise healthy spine is forced to function in a Subluxated state (one or more vertebrae become misaligned and create biophysical deficiency) the resultant imbalance creates poor body mechanics and a higher risk for long term soft tissue damage.  Postural distortions like uneven hips or a ‘functional short leg’ are signs that ‘something’s off’ in your spine and needs to be evaluated.  So much so that many Chiropractors use Leg Length Inequality checks as a means to confirm the presence of Subluxations in your spine.

Just like driving a car with bad alignment can cause premature wear and tear on tires and brakes – walking around with a functional short leg from subluxations can cause premature wear and tear on your joints and discs (degenerative disc disease).  If you’re experiencing the warning signs of this type of imbalance (like leg, hip or back pain), get to your Chiropractor ASAP and have your leg lengths professionally checked before more serious damage occurs.

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Subluxations Don’t Take Vacations

Subluxations Don't Take Vacations

Toes in the sand, not a cloud in the sky, 75 degree water temps.  Vacations are the perfect time to decompress, spend precious time with family and friends and reconnect with your soul.  What could possibly stress your body?

How about ten days of sleep on a mushy mattress?  Or two hours of novice water skiing / body dragging lessons.  Not to mention the bottomless Mojito’s and obligatory trips to the dessert buffet… and don’t forget nursing that nasty sunburn from day three.   Unfortunately, stress doesn’t take time off.  The scenery may change, but your nerve system is still hard at work – reacting and adapting to those “relaxing” shifts in routine.
It’s a prime opportunity to become Subluxated.

If you’ve been away from the office for a while, we hope you’re well rested.  But now it’s time to get back on track and into a healthy regimen; especially getting your spine checked and cleared of Subluxations.  When you need to recover from vacation – put Chiropractic on top of your itinerary.

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Blueprint vs. Builder

finger print blue print

You can possess the most beautiful, detailed and well thought out set of blueprints for a mansion, but without a competent general contractor to execute those plans, the structure doesn’t get built. The plan is worthless without a builder.

You can have the perfect blend of DNA… Brad Pitt’s good looks, Einstein’s intellect, Michael Jordan’s athletic ability.  But your genetic jackpot would stay dormant without an innate intelligence to turn the sequence on, yielding the perfect end product. The code is useless without Life.

In medicine, much emphasis is placed on the blueprint’s (DNA’s) influence on health, while in Chiropractic, emphasis is rightly given to the Power which creates and animates the matter in the first place. The former is USELESS without the latter.

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