Life on a Dimmer Switch

The central nervous system is unbelievably complex.  The amount of information processed by the brain and spinal cord every second is mind boggling.  Not only do they constantly monitor sensory input, control motor function, coordinate tissue repair, and essentially place your body’s organs on autopilot, but at their very essence they serve to maintain the life impulse that sustains us.

Dimmer SwitchSince the nervous system transmits electrical impulses, the easiest way to conceptualize it is to think of it as a hardwired electrical circuit.

Using this analogy, the brain could be thought of as the generator or power plant.  The spinal column is like a conduit carrying the main trunk line of the spinal cord, and the spinal nerves are like smaller wires branching off the trunk line to various appliances, or in this case, cells, tissues, and organs.

The key to maintaining optimal health is to keep the power plant functioning at full throttle and keeping the circuit clear for it to distribute its signal.  When everything is in sync and working at full power, the body can’t help but be healthy.  When the system starts breaking down, so does the body.

The most common cause of nervous system interference, or a breakdown in the electrical system, is a vertebral subluxation.

Each vertebra has a large central hole through which the spinal cord passes and a smaller notch on the side to allow for the spinal nerve to exit.  When all the bones are aligned perfectly on top of one another, the larger holes form a smooth tube for the spinal cord and the notches form small holes for the nerves that branch off the cord.  When one or more bones shift out of position, pressure on the spinal nerves can result, dropping the power like a dimmer switch.  The more pressure on the nerve, the weaker its signal.

If you have been struggling with your health, there is a good chance that your electrical system has been dimmed by subluxations.

When you consider that every cell in your body is supplied its life force from the nervous system, which of your circuits could you afford to have put on a dimmer?  The one going to your heart?  How about your lungs or your stomach?

To be at your absolute healthiest, we simply need to maximize the output from our power source and then make sure that all our circuits are clear to relay their message at full capacity.

Chiropractic keeps your innate spine subluxation-free and your innate power amped up!



About Lucas Kruse, D.C.

Born in Sioux City, Iowa, I am a second generation chiropractor. The Kruse family consists of five chiropractors practicing throughout the country. I spent eight years providing medical support for Marines and Sailors as an enlisted Navy hospital corpsman (medic). I have four amazing children, Aden, Ella Dee, Remy, and Dagny. The family is constantly on the move staying active with sports, walking, golfing, and fishing. View all posts by Lucas Kruse, D.C.

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