Chiropractic Improves Brain Function

A chimpanzee brain at the Science Museum London

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The sixteenth annual upper cervical conference was held at Life University in Marietta, Georgia in November 1999. A study presented at the conference found that patients under chiropractic care experienced a measurable increase in brain function.

Microcog is a computer administered and scored test that serves as a diagnostic tool to determine cognitive (brain) function. It measures activity in nine categories: attention/mental control, memory, reasoning/calculation, spatial processing, reaction time, information processing speed, information processing accuracy, general cognitive functioning and general cognitive proficiency.

A total of 40 patients had their brain function measured by Microcog. 30 of these patients received upper cervical (neck) chiropractic adjustments and 10 served as a control group receiving no adjustments. Four weeks later, all 40 patients were tested by the Microcog system again.

According to the study, “significant improvements were observed in neurocognitive [brain] function in the group receiving upper cervical care. The control group did not demonstrate a similar trend. This study suggests that upper cervical chiropractic care may positively affect neurocognitive function.”

The World Health Organization defines “health” as 100% physical, mental and social well-being. A nervous system free of interference is vital to the full expression of all these aspects of your health potential. Chiropractic works to restore health by removing interference to your nervous system.

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